Andrew Kinsman

'Fall' by Andrew Kinsman

Oil on canvas

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Once in a lifetime you see a work of art that fills you with emotion that you never forget..., well this is it. The Originals Gallery are delighted to announce the Online sale of ‘Fall’. One of the most exciting, prestigious and awe-inspiring paintings - by the highly acclaimed Andrew Kinsman.
Andrew’s formidable masterpiece was recently unveiled at The Victoria Art Gallery, where it was exhibited alongside some of the greatest artists of all time such as Thomas Gainsborough. This original oil painting has its very own way of linking into history as it depicts King Louis XIV mistress Louise de la Valliere. As part of Andrew Kinsman’s Painted lives studies, Kinsman worked with Sarah Winter, actress from the BBC Television period drama series ‘Versailles’ . As the model of the painting Sarah forms the basis of Andrew’s study into the history and character of the piece and his insightful film can be seen here. In the footage we are given exciting access into some of the exquisite detailing featured in the picture as we see Andrew paint. We witness an excited Sarah Winter seeing the painting for the first time and begin to understand the emotional turmoil of being in love whilst battling with being the mistress of such a public figure. It is clear to see and understand the drama, emotion and atmosphere in the painting and as you feel you can literally climb into the life-size, lifelike piece itself.
The magnificently detailed dress in the painting is the one worn by Sarah during the filming of BBC television series and Painted Lives film. Created by Costume designer Madeline Fontaine, the dress is a piece of art in its own right and was later auctioned to raise funds for The British Red Cross. Andrew Kinsman will also be donating part of the proceedings from the sale of the painting to The British Red Cross.

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