Commissioned Artwork

Commissioning your very own piece of original artwork in consultation with The Originals Gallery and your chosen artist is one of the most exciting and creatively rewarding experiences you could ever imagine. The process allows you to be fully engaged with our artist, the design and development of the piece enabling you to have the most personal bespoke piece of art that you can enjoy looking at for the rest of a lifetime.

A portrait to capture a lasting memory, a loved one or family member, or simply an idea that you would like to see on your wall at home or at work.  Our role is from to start to finish helping you on this exciting journey and keeping you up to date with your commissioned piece through to final presentation of your very own bespoke masterpiece.  We will arrange for detailed discussion, photos and/or a meeting with Andrew to formulate your agreed commissioned original masterpiece!

Please contact us for further information on commission artwork with The Originals Gallery

Artists currently offering commissioning include: