Arrange a viewing

Did you know, most galleries earn up to 50% commission when selling original paintings - we think this is quite a lot and we're doing something about it.

It's mainly due to the high costs of running a physical gallery. That's why at The Originals Gallery, we only sell online. It keeps costs down and it means our artists retain at least 75% of the price you pay for their paintings - surely that's only fair! 

Buying art online isn't anything new, and much like buying anything else online, we offer all services you would expect. Returns, white glove delivery service, insurance and guarantees. 

If you still don't feel confident buying online, you can arrange a private viewing. We  work with you and our artists to find a location that works. That might be the artists studio, your home or a boutique hotel. We will be on hand to help you explore the piece and take any questions.

If you are interested in arranging a private viewing, get in touch.