Toby Mulligan

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Toby Mulligan’s paintings and sculptures are fast becoming some of the most collectible abstract figurative artwork in the U.K. His art is varied in form, approach, style and subject matter as well as the materials he uses. From acrylic on board, hand ground and prepared paints, inks, dyes, spray paint, Toby utilises different mediums and scale to reflect the emotion he feels in his subject matter and the piece.

“Stepping back and observing what we do is essential to our development. And this is true of painting. I often feel that watching things in progress is just as important, if not more so, than actually painting. For me that process is usually fast and intuitive. Most of my time is spent in preparation; getting in the right ‘frame of mind”.

Toby Mulligan is also known for his portrait work and has been painting portraits for people since the age of 15. The painting of his daughter "About Time" was a 2012 finalist for the BP Portrait Award and currently hangs in The National Portrait Gallery. Since then Toby Mulligan has undertaken several commissions including one of Roger Federer in 2014. His work has been seen in exhibitions in particular in London, Amsterdam, New Delhi, Mexico City and is held in private collections all around the world. Toby believes in getting to know and gaining an understanding of his subject as an important and integral part of his portraits and in developing his approach and interpretation.