Steve Caldwell

Steve Caldwell’s work is simply incredible and uncannily life-like as he combines hyper-realism technique with painted detail, texture and pose to tell us more about his subject. As a contemporary portrait and figurative artist Steve has exhibited twice in the prestigious BP Portrait Award at The National Portrait Gallery in London and shows regularly with The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Notably, he is also a triple prize winner in The RBSA Portrait Prize Exhibition.

One of the things that sets Steve apart from other portrait and figurative artists is that he trained as a medical illustrator. He seems to uses this knowledge and understanding of the human body to produce portraits of stunning detail. His meticulous and intimate works use incredible detail and texture to reinforce the identity, realism and character of the subject.

“Figurative and contemporary painters inspire me to work harder and use painted detail and texture to describe in depth the personality and identity of my sitters”.