Pete Hawkins

Striking impressionistic, figurative artwork - ‘Considered, active, fluid, vibrant and impassioned.’ 
Worldly wise, well-travelled, born in Panama City and inspired by his experiences Pete Hawkins became a self-taught artist as he began to sketch the world around him. His fast past-paced, globetrotting lifestyle seems to be reflected in movement in his pieces. We see moments in time, a glimpse of a scene and snapshots of movement. “I want the viewer to have a sense that the paintings are not static and are almost about to move before their eyes.” 
A Pete Hawkins painting captures not only the movement of the subject matter but even the speed and atmosphere too. The level of detail on the focal point contrasted with the broader brushstrokes, palette knife work and suggestion of shape in the other parts moving away from us is extremely clever. Removing certain elements of detail to show what is no longer clear to the eye as the figure moves.  Pete’s technique, style and colour palette is very distinctive. 
Pete has sold work to some prestigious collectors including Maryam Eisler who chairs Tate MENAAC Acquisitions committee, Marsha Williams (widow of the actor Robin Willams) and jewellery designer Stephen Webster.
The Originals Gallery are thrilled to be able offer the sale of some of Pete Hawkins most recent bodies of work. ‘Ballerinas’ – the female form in brutally peak and beautiful condition. Having gone through such effort and endless arduous training to execute something so pure and intricately elegant is an interesting thing to mirror through paint. Similarly, Pete’s series of ‘Rodeo’ paintings are inspired by his time growing up in Texas. “My goal has been to capture some focus on these wild animals trying to be ridden for a matter of seconds by a madman in the blur of movement so close to a fine dance.”