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Once in a lifetime you see a work of art that fills you with emotion that you never forget...

Andrew Kinsman

Katy Sullivan

Pete Hawkins

Steve Caldwell

Toby Mulligan









Exclusively Originals

Our passion is for the original piece of art which is why that’s all you’ll find here.  There are qualities of an oil painting or acrylic paintings that can only be experienced and enjoyed in an 'original'. Artwork from the artist’s studio and not a print press.  We value all the time, skill and thought spent in creating the one-off master piece of art so why settle for anything else. The brush strokes, impasto layers of paint, textures from artists movements, depth, true colours, varnished canvas and more – this CANNOT be replicated in any print form. 

There’s nothing quite like owning an original painting and this is becoming one of only a handful of investments that can be enjoyed every day. Let us assist you Invest in our artist’s highly collectable original pieces of artwork.